Interesting Times

Closing Comments by Dick Lynch

And so ends another issue. It's been an interesting (in the Chinese sense of the word) first year in the Washington area for us. It's been so interesting, in fact, that our planned October publication date came and went with scarcely a murmur; we were too wrapped up with making a living here to do anything about it.

But now things have stabilized, at least for a while. Nicki is back working at the Institute of Standards; after being on temporary duty at a work place way out in the Maryland countryside for the first eleven months of her employment, her two mile drive to work is most welcome. Meanwhile, I'm back working at my original work assignment in Germantown after just completing an eight month temporary duty assignment at Department of Energy headquarters down in the District. While the work there was fascinating, the extra two hours in commuting time each day wasn't. The other time sink for me that recently ended (at least for a while) was preparing for the Professional Engineer License exams I've decided to take; the first one was two days before Halloween, and was (as you might have guessed) a real horror show.

But like I said, all that's over, at least for now. We're going to try to resume twice-a-year publication at more regular intervals, so look for our next issue in June or July. And if things don't get any more interesting, we won't have to pass off any more lame late-issue excuses like this again!

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