Nicki and 'The Sidi Bouquet'

The Sidi Bouquet (and Nicki)
Artist: Margaret Dowell
(photos by Rich)

This panda represents a triumph over adversity by the artist, who had temporarily lost the use of her hands after a bad fall. She was not able to use a brush to paint the bear, so instead she fingerpainted it. The eye-pleasing result was different in visual texture from any other panda in the exhibition. The design of the panda was inspired by bouquets given her "by a most unique individual named Sidi" according to the artist, but given the hardship she overcame, we feel the artist herself also deserves that description.
Nicki and 'Sidi Bouquet' with two Party Animals
"The Sidi Bouquet" with two Party Animals (from 2002):
"Baby Blue" (donkey) and "The Beauty of Washington" (elephant)

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