Nicki and 'The Flotsam of Play'

Nicki and 'The Flotsam of Play' (back side)

The Flotsam of Play (and Nicki)
Artist: Chuck Baxter
(photos by Rich)

This fascinating panda is perhaps both a collage and a mosaic, as it is decorated with various found objects of all kinds, including rubber duckies, toy figurines, a model train track, plastic building blocks, toy airplanes, an automobile insignia, and even Big Bird from Sesame Street. All of these were found by the artist on streets and playgrounds in his central D.C. neighborhood. According to the artist, "I wanted my panda to capture the attention of people from a distance, therefore I used a lot of colorful pieces, and draw them in for closer inspection. I wanted it to be appealing on some level to everyone. It turned out, because of all the toys I found and used, to be very alluring to children." And all of us non-children, too!

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close-up of panda's head
Close-up of Panda's Head