Mimosa 9 title illo by Craig Hilton
from Rich and Nicki Lynch, P.O. Box 3120, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20885, U.S.A.
e-mail: mimosazine (at) yahoo (dot) com

Mimosa is a fanzine very much devoted to the preservation of the history of science fiction fandom. The non-electronic version of this 9th issue was published in December 1990 and is ©1990 by Nicki and Richard Lynch, with individual rights reverting back to contributors after this one-time use. 'Worldcon' and 'Hugo Award' are service marks of the World Science Fiction Society. All opinions and versions of events expressed by contributors are their own.

illustration by Craig Hilton

Cover: Untitled  by Joe Mayhew 1
Opening Comments: Across Europe on Rail and Plastic  by Dick and Nicki Lynch 3-9
Dave Kyle Says You Can't  by Dave Kyle 10-13
Prose is the Wine; Poetry the Whiner  by Dave Luckett 14-16
Corn is the Lowest Form of Wheat  by Bob Shaw 17-25
Mimosa Letters 26-41
Back Cover: Franz Katfka  by Joe Mayhew 42

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