Just the Right Words

Closing Comments by Nicki Lynch

It always seems to me that the hardest part of a zine is how to conclude it. I mean, do you just have a blank page after the lettercol? Or end with a controversial article? Do you have closing remarks? Do you save that page for artists credits? This is an important decision!

Dick and I like to do little editoria1s and we switch off each time as to who will be doing the opening and who will do the closing. This time I, Nicki, am doing the end and I'm looking for just the right words. I want it to be just right.

You see, we probably will be moving in the next few months and this may be the last Mimosa we do here in Chattanooga and in the south.

Our whole fannish career has been in the South, even though we are both from Northern New York. We discovered SF conventions and fan publishing here and I guess our style is connected with being in the South. While we are not Southerners, we do consider ourselves Southern SF fans

When we first moved here, we expected it to be temporary. That was fifteen years ago. While it wasn't permanent, it also wasn't as temporary as we thought. We've made a 1ot of friends here, gotten use to the lifestyle, and have a circuit of cons we attend each year. Not all that will change.

But what won't change is our publishing. We will continue to keep publishing Mimosa, although it may not be as regular are we'd like it to be. We'll also keep up with our apas and other writing commitments. I want to thank all those who enjoy Mimosa and let you know we'll keep on pubbing even with the move. We just may be a little harder to find.

Well, it seems I found a few words to put this zine to bed after all.

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