6-time Best Fanzine Hugo winner
MIMOSA by Rich and Nicki Lynch

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Now Online:
A Mimosa Fanthology
The Best of the first 16 issues of Mimosa (108 pages)

(Printed version published in June 2002)

A Mimosa Fanthology, Part 2
The Best of Mimosa issues 17-27 (92 pages)

(Printed version published in December 2002)

Mimosa 30
The final issue of Mimosa (68 pages)

(Printed version published in August 2003)

Current and back issues of the printed version of Mimosa
(except for the two Fanthology issues)
are available from the editors, $4 for one issue
or $10 for three back issues (mailed collectively).
Each part of A Mimosa Fanthology available for $5.

[And please add $3 for postage cost if you have a non-U.S. address.]

Requests should be sent to:

Rich and Nicki Lynch, P.O. Box 3120,
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20885, U.S.A.

e-mail: mimosazine (at) yahoo (dot) com

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Russia (Summer 1994) * Eastern Europe (Autumn 1997)
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Eastern Europe (Spring 2000) * Eastern Europe (Spring 2001)
Eastern Europe (Spring 2002)

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